Arachnid Orders

A short description of all the ordersSpinnentiere. Christian Solars (Germany)10/26/03
Alberti, GerdComparative Ultrastructure of Arachnids, includes videos, photos (Germany)11/29/04
Animal Diversity Web - Class ArachnidaInformation, photos, specimens on arachnids. Univ. of Michigan (USA)11/30/04
Arachnid information and hyperlinksInformation related to arachnids. JungleWalk10/10/04
Arachnid movies and videoVideo clips related to arachnids. JungleWalk10/10/04
Arachnid pictures and photosImages related to arachnids. JungleWalk10/10/04
Arachnid sounds and audioSound files and media related to arachnids. JungleWalk10/10/04
Arachnid taxonomy list with Finnish common names. 11/30/05
Arachnid's Class PresentationInfo and pictures about the different orders. Franck Phan. Groupe d'Etude des Arachnids (France)6/5/05
ArachnidaInformation on arachnids, including photos, Museums Online South Africa, Cape Town (RSA)6/5/05
Arachnida PhylogenyTree of Life Project arachnida page.11/29/04
ArachnidsSpiders, Scorpions, Ticks, Mites ... Pictures and info. Dick's Virtual Arthropod Zoo (USA)6/5/05
Arachnids - spiders, harvestmen, pseudoscorpions, scorpions,mitesInformation and pictures. Ecowatch. CSIRO (Australia) 6/5/05
Arachnids - spiders, mites and harvestmenInformation about arachnids from the Australian Museum (Australia)6/5/05
Arachnids: pictures, information, classification and moreSpiders, scorpions, mites, ticks and others - information by (USA)6/5/05
Arachnids: Scorpions, Spiders, etc.Biology, natural history and husbandry of spiders, scorpions, and other arachnids.6/5/05
Arachnids: Whipscorpions, windscorpions, etc.Biology, natural history and husbandry of vinegaroones, windscorpions, and other arachnids.6/5/05
Arachnids: ZoologyCollection of hyperlinks on arachnids (Switzerland)6/5/05
ArachnologyGeneral information on arachnids (USA)6/5/05
Arachnology at the National Museum of NamibiaInformation on Arachnology; collections; research; projects (Namibia)6/5/05
ArachnophiliaDedicated to arachnids, lots of general biological information, pictures, etc. Prepared by Sarah Knuth for her Biology 110H class (USA)6/5/05
BugGuide.Net guide to ArachnidsAn online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information.6/5/05
Class ArachnidaInformation about the different orders of arachnids. Jim Egenrieder's Advanced Animal Science Class Pages, Arlington Public Schools (USA)10/26/03
Class ArachnidaBasic info. Site developed by Matthew Morris (USA)6/5/05
Class ArachnidaInfo and pictures of some of the arachnid orders (spiders, mites, opiliones, pseudoscorpions). Univ. of Missouri Columbia (USA)10/26/03
De ArachnidenAn hommage to Th.Savory. Pages made and maintained by Gie Wyckmans. Includes a classification to family and information about characters (Belgium)11/29/04
El maravilloso mundo de los Ar&aacite;cnidosThe wonderful world of arachnids. Much information and pictures. Anita Hoffmann. Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicacion Educativa (in Spanish) (Mexico)10/26/03
Endangered Cave Arachnids ResearchConservation Phylogenetics of Texas Cave Arachnids. This research is funded by the US Fish & Wildife Service and the La Cantera Development Company. Dr. Pierre Paquin (USA)6/5/05
Featured BugsInformation on Arachnids, Kendall Bioresearch Services consultancy (UK)6/5/05
Generalidades y tiposde ArácnidosInformation and pictures. Anita Hoffmann. Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicacion Educativa (in Spanish) (Mexico)10/9/04
Gordon's Arachnid PageGeneral information on arachnids. g.ramel@earthlife.net6/5/05
Insects and their near relativesWith info about the arachnid orders. A manual for the study of insects by John Henry Comstock & Anna Botsford Comstock. University of Massachusetts (USA)10/26/03
Introducción a la diversidad y la biologia de los arácnidosShort text. Acosta & Peretti. Univ. Nac. Córdoba (in Spanish) (Argentina)10/26/03
Introduction to ArthropodsTo know the difference between a spider and an insect. University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology (USA)10/26/03
Invertebrates of the Wet Tropics - Arachnids - Mites, Ticks, ... Basic description of arachnids from the wet tropics (Australia)6/5/05
Les arachnidesVery interesting text with pictures of the arachnid orders. Eric Walravens (in French) (Belgium)10/26/03
Matt's Arachnid PageSome basic information and pictures on arachnids (USA)11/29/04
Mesozoic ArachnidsResearch project to document Mesozoic arachnid diversity, particularly spiders, through the production of a dataset of records and preparation of systematic descriptions. Dr. Paul A. Selden and Dr. David Penney (UK)6/5/05
Names of arachnid orders in various languagesI'm trying to find the names of the arachnid orders in as many languages as possible. Maybe you can help?6/5/05
Os ArachnidaInformation about the external and internal organs, with some pictures. Biotemas (in Portuguese) (Brazil)10/26/03
Pasando revista a la evolución de los QueliceradosA review of chelicerate evolution. Abstract. Jason A. Dunlop. Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa (in Spanish and English) (Spain)10/26/03
Phylum ArthropodaInfo and pictures. Emporia State Univ. (USA)10/26/03
Spider classificationThe difference between arachnids and other invertebrates, mygalomorpha and araneomorpha spiders. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)10/9/04
Subphylum ChelicerataCharacteristics of the orders. Eastern Oregon University (USA)10/26/03
Systematics of the Arachnida - CheliceramorphaSystematics, phylogeny, in formation on arachnids. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology (USA)6/5/05
The American Arachnological Society Information on Arachnids.Links, species lists, information, graduate programs on Arachnids (USA)6/5/05
The Arachnology Home PageInformation about Arachnids by Herman Vanuytven (Belgium)6/5/05
The Class ArachnidaSome info and pictures of the different orders of arachnids. The Zoology Museum of the University of Aberdeen (UK)11/29/04
The difference between various ordersScorpions, whip scorpions, pseudoscorpions, sun spiders, spiders, harvestman and ticks. Urban Entomology. Entomology UC Riverside. Walter Ebeling (USA)10/26/03
The phylum ArthropodaWhere do arachnids belong in this phylum. University of South Africa (South Africa)10/26/03
The Tarantula's BurrowInformation on Arachnids with an eye on arachnophilia and pets. Martin Overton (UK)10/10/04
Zoology -- Spiders, Scorpions, CentipedesSome taxonomic information on arachnids. Bob Patterson.6/5/05
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