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The International Society of Arachnology is the premier international scientific society devoted to arachnology. ISA focuses on the arachnid orders Amblypygi, Araneae, Opiliones, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpiones, Ricinulei, Schizomida, Scorpiones, and Uropygi, but not Acari, as other societies dedicated to acarology exist. Currently ISA has about 650 members from 70 countries. ISA's goals are to promote the study of Arachnology and communication of arachnological information among researchers via meetings and publications (printed or electronic).

inciple Functions

Principal Functions

  • Organizes the International Congress of Arachnology every three years. Recent Congresses have been held in Panama, Spain, Finland, Australia, Switzerland, the United States, South Africa, Belgium, and Brazil. The next congress will be in Poland in 2010. Attendance varies between 200 and 300 scientists and students from around the world. The Congress features symposia of current interest and contributed papers. Presenters are encouraged to submit manuscripts to the Proceedings, which usually runs between 300 and 1,000 pages. Proceedings of previous congresses are available at cost from the local organizing bodies
  • Produces and distributes to members annually the "Liste des Travaux Arachnologiques," a compilation of the previous year's publications in arachnology. This invaluable publication contains citations to essentially all scholarly publications on arachnology, organized alphabetically by author within arachnid order. The subject areas include agriculture and applied sciences, anatomy, arachnids either as predators or prey, biochemistry, biogeography, cytology, development, embryology, ethology, evolution, ecology, faunistics, general biology, genetics, histology, history of arachnology, systematics, methods, molecular biology, morphology, paleontology, phylogeny, physiology, and toxicology (arachnidism). The list for 1998 contains approximately 1850 references. From 1998 on, the list will also be available via email or internet as ASCII or rich text format text files.
  • Produces and distributes to members every three years an updated list of arachnologists worldwide with addresses (including email), and professional interests, cross-indexed by name, group, interest and country. From 1999 on, this list will also be available via email, internet or on disk as ASCII or rich text format text files.
  • Acts as consultant and liaison for arachnological matters to other scientific organizations (AIBS, IUBS, IUCN, UNESCO, ICZN, etc.)

Main Contact

International Society of Arachnology
c/o Dr. Jason A. Dunlop
Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz Institute for Research on Evolution and Biodiversity at the Humboldt University Berlin
Invalidenstrasse 43, D-10115 Berlin, Germany  
Tel: ++ 49 30 2093 8516
Fax: ++ 49 30 2093 8528

Membership Fees

ISA dues are USD $20.00 per year for regular members, USD $15.00 for students and retirees, and USD $ 50.00 for institutions. The ISA Executive will consider application for associate membership in cases where circumstances prevent payment of dues.


ISA Council 2007-2010


President: Nikolaj Scharff, Copenhagen, Denmark

Vice President: Yuri Marusik, Magadan, Russia

Secretary: Jason Dunlop, Berlin, Germany

Treasurer: Rosie Gillespie, Berkley, USA

Webmaster: William Piel, Yale

Additional council members:
Barbara Baehr, Brisbane, Australia
Matjaz Kuntner, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Peter Jäger, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Lorenzo Prendini, New York, USA
Linda Rayor, Cornell, USA

Past Presidents

Since the society’s foundation (as CIDA) in 1965, the following colleagues have held the post of President; which rotates every three years during the International Congress:

2004–2007: Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman, South Africa
2001–2004: Paul Selden, United Kingdom
1998–2001: Robert Raven, Australia
1995–1998: Norman Platnick, USA
1992–1995: Rudy Jocqué, Belgium
1989–1992: Volker Mahnert, Switzerland
1986–1989: Konrad Thaler, Austria
1983–1986: Peter Van Helsdingen, Netherlands
1980–1983: Herbert Levi, USA
1977–1980: Paolo Tongiorgi, Italy
1974–1977: Lambertus Vlijm, Netherlands
1971–1974: Eric Duffey, United Kingdom
1968–1971: Roland Legendre, France
1965–1968: Otto Kraus, Germany

Honorary Members

During each International Congress, the ISA council is permitted to confer honorary membership onto senior colleagues who have made important contributions to the society or the subject over the years. Our current honorary members are:

John Cloudsley-Thompson, United Kingdom
Crista Deeleman-Reinhold, Netherlands
Eric Duffey, United Kingdom
William Eberhard, Costa Rica
Jacqueline Kovoor, France
Otto Kraus, Germany
Pekka Lehtinen, Finland
Herbert Levi, USA
Sylvia Lucas, Brazil
Barbara Main, Australia
Peter Merrett, United Kingdom
Jerzy Proszynski, Poland
Maria Rambla Castells, Spain
Peter van Helsdingen, Netherlands
Peter Weygoldt, Germany

ISA Awards

Instigated during the Brazil meeting in 2007, these awards aim to recognise outstanding work in arachnology. They consist of:

  1. • The Eugene Simon Award for lifetime achievement,

  2. • The Pierre Bonnet Award for services to the arachnological community

  3. • The Paulo Marcello Brignoli award for a single piece or body of exceptional research.



Simon Award: Herb Levi (USA), for his immense influence on US spider research
Bonnet Award: Norman Platnick (USA), for his invaluable ‘Catalog of the Spiders of the World’
Brignoli Award: Charles Griswold (USA), for his studies of Madagascan spiders


Regional correspondents

For each country or region ISA appoints a ‘correspondent’ as a local representative whose duty it is to promote the society and to act as a contact person for questions of a more regional nature. Our current correspondents are:

Algeria: Ourida Kherbouche-Abrous
Argentina: Luis Acosta
Australia: Mark Harvey
Austria: Christian Komposch
Azerbaijan: Elchin Guseinov
Belgium: Leon Baert
Belorussia: Evgeni Zhukovets
Brazil: Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha
Bulgaria: Christo Deltshev

Canada: Charles Dondale
China: Shuqiang Li
Columbia: Eduardo Florez
Croatia: Luka Katusic
Czech Republic: Vlastimil Ruzicka
Denmark: Nikolaj Scharff
Egypt: Hisham El-Hanaway
Finland: Seppo Koponen
France: Frederic Ysnel
Germany: Peter Jäger
Greece: Maria Chatzaki
Hungary: Ferenc Samu
Iceland: Ingi Agnarson
India: B. H. Patel
Iran: Fariba Mozaffarian
Ireland: Myles Nolan
Israel: Yael Lubin
Italy: Francesca Di Franco
Japan: Hirotsugu Ono
Kazakhstan: Alexander Gromov
Kenya: Charles Warui
Krgyzstan: Sergey Ovchinnikov
Lithuania: Vygandas Relys
Mexico: Fernando Alverez-Padilla
Morocco: Oulaid Touloun
Namibia: Tharina Bird
New Zealand: Cor Vink
Netherlands: Peter Van Helsdingen

Pakistan: Abida Butt

Paraguay: John Kochalka
Poland: Marek Zabka
Portugal: Pedro Cardoso
Peru: Diana Silva Davila
Russia: Kirill Mikhailov
Serbia: Bozidar Curcic
Singapore: Daiquin Li
Slovakia: Jaroslav Svaton
Slovenia: Matjaz Kuntner

South Africa: Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman
Spain: Carles Ribera
Sri Lanka: Suresh Benjamin
Switzerland: Ambros Hänggi
Sweden: Torbjorn Kronestedt
Ukraine: Valery Gnelitsa
United Kingdom: Emma Shaw
Uraguay: Fernando Costa
USA: Bill Shear
Vietnam: Pham Dinh Sac
Zimbabwe: Moira FitzPatrick

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