Wolf Spiders - Lycosidae and Pisauridae (Raft, Fishing, and Nursery Spiders)

A Guide to Common Singapore SpidersA lot of pictures and information. Joseph K. H. Koh (Singapore)6/5/05
A Guide to Missouri SpidersPictures and information. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
A Wolf In The ShadowsWolf Spider Hub of the Internet. A lot of information and pictures of wolfspiders (Lycosidae). Losing My Lycosa Productions. Paul Day (USA)10/9/04
Arachnids and Reptiles of EuropePictures and information about spiders and scorpions. Marcus Schmitt (in German and English) (Germany)10/9/04
Araneae (spiders)A lot of info and pictures. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)6/5/05
Araneae 1-4Pictures (Russia)6/5/05
Australian Insect and Spider Identification and Advice ServiceWith information and pictures of the White-tailed spider, wolf spiders, Funnel web spiders, Black house spider, redback spider. Australian National Insect Collection (Australia)6/6/05
Brisbane SpidersA lot of info and pictures of spiders found in the Brisbane area, Queensland. The Chew's family (Australia)10/9/04
Class ArachnidaWith pictures of the Fishing Spider, Crab Spider, Orb Weaver Spider & Hunting Spider. Zeuter Development Corporation (Canada)10/9/04
Curious about spiders?A number of pictures of spiders of medical importance and also some info on the Woodlouse hunter (Dysdera crocata), wolfspiders and garden spiders. University of Nebraska, Lancaster County (USA)10/9/04
De klasse Arachnida spinachtigenInfo about spiders. Kara Inci (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/10/04
Glance into "The world of spiders and scorpions"Several images of spiders. www.thais.com (Italy)10/9/04
How can spiders walk on water?Surface tension is the tendency for the surface of a liquid to act like a stretched membrane or piece of rubber. Lakeview Science, Nebraska (USA)10/9/04
Insect and Spider Information SheetsWolf spiders. Bohart Museum of Entomology, Univ. of California (USA)10/9/04
Insect and Spider picturesSome spider pictures: wolf spiders, Metaphid Jumping Spider (Metaphidippus spp), crab spider (Misumena vatia). Bill Harris (USA)10/9/04
Key to Freshwater Arachnids (Spiders & Mites)Australian Aquatic Invertebrates (Australia)6/5/05
Les Araignées de FranceVery nice site with much info. P. Dubois (in French) (France)10/9/04
Nick's Spiders of Britain and EuropeVery nice site with information and pictures of European spiders. Also some pictures and info about spiders from the USA. Nick Loven (UK)10/9/04
Order AraneaeSome information about the families Thomisidae, Salticidae, Lycosidae, Agelenidae and Araneidae. Onalaska School District 300 (USA)6/5/05
Order: Araneae (spiders)Taxonomic Classification, Basic spider anatomy, Spider silk, Info and pictures of: Argiope aurantia - Black and Yellow Argiope Spider, Gasteracantha cancriformis - Spiny Orb Weaver Spider, Neoscona domiciliorum - Spotted Orbweaver, Kukulcania hibernalis - Southern House Spider, Hogna georgicola, Hogna lenta - Florida Brown and Yellow Wolf Spider, Peucetia viridans - Green Lynx Spider, Dolomedes albineus - Whitebanded Fishing Spider, Leucauge venusta - Orchard Orb Weaver Spider, Nephila clavipes - Golden Silk Spider. FloridaNature.org (USA)6/5/05
Scrub burrowing Wolf spiders: The stay-at-home predatorsInfo and pictures. Archbold Biological Station (USA)10/9/04
SpiderA lot of info and pictures. Britannica Online.10/9/04
SpiderSome info and a picture of female burrowing wolf spider (Geolycosa pikei) outside her burrow in the sand. The Hutchinson Family Encyclopedia (UK)10/9/04
SpidersArticle with a picture of the Dock spider (Dolomedes sp.) and a wolf spider with spiderlings. Northwestern Ontario Forest - Virtual Zoo. BorealForest.org (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome short info about Mygalomorph Spiders, Sac Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, Black Widow Spiders. Prescription Treatment University (USA)10/9/04
SpidersDaring Jumping Spider, Eastern Daddy-long-legs, Green Lynx Spider, Forest Wolf Spider, Wolf Spider (Lycosidae), Golden Rod Spider, Brown Recluse (Loxosceles), Black and Yellow Argiope or "Garden Spider / Banana Spider", Red Widow Spider (Latrodectus Bishopi). Survive Outdoors Inc. (USA)10/9/04
SpidersHouse spiders, Purseweb spider, Jumping spider, Money spider, Water spider, Garden spider, Raft spider, wolf spider. Stuart M Bennett (UK)10/9/04
SpidersNursery web spiders, Walnut orb-weaver, Garden or Cross spider, Argiope bruennichi, Common crab spider, Spotted wolf spider, Araneus quadratus, Tetragnatha extensa. UK Safari (UK)10/9/04
SpidersPictures of: Daddy-Long-Leg Spiders, Brown Spiders, Dysderid Spiders, Cobweb Weavers, Longjawed Orb Weavers, Orb Weavers, Wolf Spiders, Nursery Web Spiders, Funnel Weavers, Sac Spiders, Antmimic Spiders, Ground Spiders, Tropical Wandering Spiders, Running Crab Spiders, Crab Spiders & Jumping Spiders. Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)10/10/04
Spiders - AmphibiansPictures. M&C Photography (USA)10/9/04
Spiders in OhioMuch information about spiders. Clay Harris & Dr. Richard Bradley, The Ohio State University, Marion (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of Kaweah Oaks PreserveA lot of pictures. Marjorie Moody. Sierra Los Turales Land Trust (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of wetlandsWith a picture of Pisaura mirabilis. Janusz Kupryjanowicz. Institute of Biology. University of Bialystok (Poland)10/9/04
Spinnen rund um Freiburg und im SchwarzwaldSome pictures made by Sabine Jelinek (Germany)10/9/04
Tarsus legElectron microscope scans of Pardosa sp. (Lycosidae). Bryan Goethals (Belgium)10/9/04
Tarsus leg, higher magnitudeElectron microscope scans of Pardosa sp. (Lycosidae). Bryan Goethals (Belgium)10/9/04
Tarsus leg, higher stillElectron microscope scans of Pardosa sp. (Lycosidae). Bryan Goethals (Belgium)10/9/04
The Carolina Wolf SpiderArticle with some pictures. Bob Wolff. Butterfly Kingdom (USA)10/9/04
The Wolf Spiders of Australia (Araneae, Lycosidae)Checklist, Taxonomy and Identification. Volker W. Framenau, Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne (Australia)10/9/04
Troy Bartlett's Online Photo ExhibitionVery nice pictures of spiders, insects and flowers. Troy Bartlett (USA)10/9/04
Troy's Photo GalleryA number of very nice spider pictures. Troy Bartlett.10/9/04
UK BiodiversityPictures and info about rare spiders in the UK, with Dolomedes plantarius (UK)10/9/04
Up close with spidersInformation and pictures of Malaysian spiders. Chin Fah Shin (Malaysia)10/9/04
Very Big Spiders - WolfspidersThis is the home of Garden Bits: short articles with pictures about things in our yard and gardens (USA)10/9/04
Walking on waterWhy some spiders can walk on water. David Tenenbaum (USA)10/9/04
Wolf spiderShort info. Virginia Tech & State University (USA)10/9/04
Wolf spiderInfo and picture. Adele Quintata and Sally Heaton. Swimming with animals. Dumas High School, Texas (USA)10/9/04
Wolf spiderSome info and pictures. Science Technology and Environmental Camp. Prince William County Schools (USA)10/9/04
Wolf Spider and Fisher SpiderInfo. Iowa State University (USA)10/9/04
Wolf SpidersInfo. Lycosidae. Australian Museum Online (Australia)10/9/04
Wolf spidersSome pictures. Peter J. Bryant, School of Biological Sciences, University of California (USA)10/9/04
Wolf spidersA little info and some pictures. Oklahoma State University (USA)10/9/04
Wolf spidersA little info and a picture. Queensland Museum (Australia)6/5/05
Wolfspinnen - LycosidaeWith a picture of Pardosa saturatior and the name of the bodyparts. Also the possibility to download the DELTA-taxonomical database: 'Männchen der Pardosinae Mitteleuropas'. Holger Pirchegger (in German) (Austria)10/9/04
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