Spider Identification

A Guide to Common Singapore SpidersA lot of pictures and information. Joseph K. H. Koh (Singapore)6/5/05
AracnisExcellent spider site, with much information and pictures. Pedro Cardoso (Portugal)10/10/04
Araneae (spiders)A lot of info and pictures. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)6/5/05
Australian Insect and Spider Identification and Advice ServiceWith information and pictures of the White-tailed spider, wolf spiders, Funnel web spiders, Black house spider, redback spider. Australian National Insect Collection (Australia)6/6/05
Common Spiders in JapanPictures of several spiders. Mikio Sekine (In English and Japanese) (Japan)10/9/04
Identifying the Spiders of KentuckyWith basic spider identification (USA)10/9/04
Keys to Spiders in Virginia Apple OrchardsThis key is modified from a key by B. J. Kaston (1972. How to Know the Spiders. Wm. C. Brown, Dubuque), including only those groups found in Virginia orchards. Jennifer Reaney, D. G. Pfeiffer and B. J. Abraham. Virginia Tech Entomology Department (USA)10/9/04
Interactive Key for Linyphids of the AfrotropicsInteractive Key : Checklist for Afrotropical Linyphiidae, Rudy JOCQUƉ (Belgium)3/28/09
Las partes de una arañaThe body parts of a spider (in Spanish) by Fernando Pèrez-Miles (Uruguay)10/9/04
Linyphioid Genera of the World(Pimoidae and Linyphiidae), An Illustrated Catalog by Gustavo Hormiga, Jeremy A. Miller and Fernando Alvarez-Padilla, George Washington University (USA)
Male or Female?How to see the difference. Mrs. Gamble's Web Page. A 2nd grade class at Fayetteville Elementary School in Fayetteville, NY (USA)10/9/04
Nick's Spiders of Britain and EuropeVery nice site with information and pictures of European spiders. Also some pictures and info about spiders from the USA. Nick Loven (UK)10/9/04
PEERS Spider Identification KeyYour students have been in the field and now they want to identify what they have collected. This database has been developed to help with the identification of the species of spiders that will most likely be collected in the Blue Mountains Region of Northeast Oregon. PEERS : People Exploring Ecosystem Resources as Stewards (USA)10/26/03
Spiders of NW-EuropeImages and descriptions of over 220 species commonly found in northwestern Europe, especially the area between the Netherlands and the south of France. Ed Nieuwenhuys. (Holland)6/5/05
Spinnen Mitteleuropasan identification guide to more than 1260 spiders from Europe. With over 7000 illustrations. Wolfgang Nentwig, Ambros Hänggi, Christian Kropf, Theo Blick (in German, English and Slovenian).11/22/03
The body parts of a female spiderAmerican Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
The body parts of a male spiderAmerican Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
Up close with spidersInformation and pictures of Malaysian spiders. Chin Fah Shin (Malaysia)10/9/04
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