Atrax and Hadronyche - Funnel Web Spiders (Family Hexathelidae)

About Funnel-web Spider VenomInfo. The Australian Reptile Park (Australia)10/10/04
Atrax and HadronycheA lot of info. International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) 10/10/04
Australian Funnel-web SpidersInfo and pictures. Bryan Grieg Fry (Australia)10/10/04
Australian Insect and Spider Identification and Advice ServiceWith information and pictures of the White-tailed spider, wolf spiders, Funnel web spiders, Black house spider, redback spider. Australian National Insect Collection (Australia)6/6/05
Bites & Sings - SpidersRedback Spider (Latrodectus hasselti), Victorian Funnel-Web Spider (Hadronyche modesta) & other spiders. Women's and Children's Health (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel Web (Atrax robustus)Info and pictures (in Finnish) (Finland)10/10/04
Funnel Web SpiderA picture and some info. (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel web spiders (Atrax robustus and Hadronyche sp.)About Funnel web Spiders, Funnel web spider bite in Australia, Symptoms and Signs of funnel web spider envenomation, First Aid and Medical Treatment for Funnel web spider bites. Australian Venom Research Unit. Univ. of Melbourne (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel-Web SpiderA little info and a picture. Australiana (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel-web SpiderHadronyche species. Info and pictures. Queensland Museum (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel-web spiderFunnel-web spiders are only found in Australia. There are at least 40 different species, and not all are dangerous, unlike the notorious Sydney Funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus). Museum Victoria (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel-web spider (Hadronyche infensa) envenomations in coastal south-east QueenArticle. Anthony P. Harrington, Robert J. Raven, Paul C. Bowe, Gabrielle M. Hawdon and Kenneth D. Winkel (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel-Web Spider AntivenomInfo. (Australia)10/10/04
Funnel-websFunnel-web spider (Atrax and Hadronyche spp.). With pictures and a distribution map. Burke's Backyard (Australia)10/10/04
Learning to Live with a KillerLarge article about Atrax (Australian Funnel web spider). Karen McGhee, International Wildlife (USA)10/10/04
Mouse spider venom similar to funnel-web'sCorey Nassau. Monas Newsline (Australia)10/10/04
Spider Envenomations, Funnel WebInfo. Simon G. A. Brown, Department of Emergency Medicine, Royal Hobart Hospital. HealthCareHouse.10/10/04
Spider Envenomations, Funnel WebMuch info and some pictures. eMedicine.com10/10/04
Spider Fact SheetsBlack House and Grey House Spiders (Badumna insignis, Badumna longinquus, Family Desidae), Funnel-web Spiders (Atrax and Hadronyche, Family Hexathelidae), Huntsman Spiders (Common Huntsman spiders: Isopeda, Isopedella; Shield Huntsman spiders: Neosparassus;Tropical Huntsman spiders: Heteropoda), Mouse Spiders (Eastern Mouse Spider: Missulena bradleyi; Red-headed Mouse Spider: Missulena occatoria, Family Actinopodidae), Orb Weaving Spiders (Garden Orb Weaving Spiders: Eriophora; Banded Orb Weaving Spiders: Argiope; Golden Orb Weaving Spiders: Nephila), Red-back Spider (Latrodectus hasselti), Sac Spiders (Slender Sac Spiders: Chiracanthium; Stout Sac Spiders: Clubiona), Trapdoor Spiders (Brown Trapdoor Spiders: Misgolas; Sigillate Trapdoor Spiders: Aganippe), White-tailed Spider (Lampona cylindrata), Wolf Spiders (Lvcosidae). Australian Museum Online (Australia)10/10/04
SpiderdotcomInfo and pictures of Brown recluse (fiddleback spider), Black Widow, Wolf Spider, Funnel web spider, Mouse Spider, White Tail. Spiderdotcom (USA)10/10/04
SpidersWith some info about the Sydney funnel web spider, northern rivers funnel web spider, red back, mouse spider and the white tail spider. Elders pest control (Australia)10/10/04
Sydney Funnel Web Spider, Atrax robustusInfo, pictures and distribution map. Martin Lemke (in German) (Germany)10/10/04
Sydney Funnel-web SpiderAtrax robustus & Atrax formidabilis. Info and pictures. Glenda Crew (Australia)10/10/04
Three of the worstWith Atrax, Funnel web spider. Damon Shorter. ABC Online News (Australia)10/10/04
When The Male *is* Deadlier Than The FemaleInfo about Atrax. Martin Overton (USA)10/10/04
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