Araneae - Spiders

(De)Mystifying SpidersNatural history, silk, webs, ... Ben Kruser. The Leader Magazine, Scouts Canada (Canada)10/9/04
A field guide to spiders in the houseSome spider facts. Vicki Croke, The Boston Globe (USA)10/9/04
A Guide to Common Singapore SpidersA lot of pictures and information. Joseph K. H. Koh (Singapore)6/5/05
A Guide to Missouri SpidersPictures and information. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
A Korean spider siteA spider site from Dae-Chang Jang (in Korean) (Korea)10/9/04
A Natural History of Extrafloral Nectar-Collecting Ants in the Sonoran DesertSpider Predation. Barry Sullender. Rice University (USA)10/9/04
A nightmare on Mic Street: spidersWhat's Arachnophobia (fear for spiders)? Can they see you? Man's best friend! Spiders in the bath. Micscape Article. Maurice Smith (UK)10/9/04
A Spot of Speed Puts Spiders in a SpinScientists at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have turned their attention from the mysteries of the cosmos to a more esoteric area of research: what happens when you get a spider stoned. Steve Connor (Sweden)10/9/04
A-to-Z Science - SpiderThe spider's body, The spider's silk, Hunting spiders, Web-spinning spiders, The life of a spider. (USA)10/9/04
Alberti, GerdComparative Ultrastructure of Arachnids, includes videos, photos (Germany)11/29/04
An overview of spider fighting behaviors, intra-specific advantages and the outsG.C. Shumate. Colorado State University (USA)10/9/04
Animal Diversity Web - Order AraneaePhotos of spiders. Univ. of Michigan (USA)11/30/04
Anti-spinnen / anti spider siteAn anti spider site (Dutch and English) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Ants, beetles and spidersSpiders that mimic ants or beetles. David Richman (US)10/9/04
Applications for patents on spiders' genesA table with patents on spider genes. Pixunlimited (UK)10/9/04
Arañas peligrosas del UruguayDangerous spiders of Uruguay. Info and pictures. Facultad de Ciencias, Montevideo (in Spanish) (Uruguay)10/9/04
Arachnid CityA site with some pictures, message board, ... Farris (USA)10/9/04
Arachnid's phobiaAbout the False Katipo spider, a species introduced in New Zealand from South Africa. Nicholas Pallin Wellington College (New Zealand)10/9/04
Arachnid.deA lot of info and pictures (in German) (Germany)10/10/04
Arachnids and centipedesPictures and info. Author? (in Japanese) (Japan)10/9/04
Arachnids and Reptiles of EuropePictures and information about spiders and scorpions. Marcus Schmitt (in German and English) (Germany)10/9/04
Arachnids: SpidersBiology, natural history and husbandry of spiders.6/5/05
Arachnologia - the study of ArachnidaThe world of spiders and their relatives, including Spider of the Month and Opiliones Notes. David Curtis (UK)10/9/04
Arachnology at ZMUCArachnid Section at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)10/9/04
Arachnology in Southern CaliforniaSome info and a list of common spiders of Southern California. Blaine Hebert (USA)10/9/04
Aracnidos en la EscuelaWith lots of biological information by Fernando Pèrez-Miles (in Spanish) (Uruguay)10/9/04
AracnisExcellent spider site, with much information and pictures. Pedro Cardoso (Portugal)10/10/04
AraneaeBiology and a drawing of a spider with the name of the body parts, venom, defense mechanisms, silk, nervous system. Onalaska School District 300 (USA)6/5/05
AraneaeNice page with info and pictures and a spider quiz. Cal Poly Pomona's Insect Website. California State Polytechnic University (USA)10/9/04
Araneae (spiders)A lot of info and pictures. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)6/5/05
Araneae NorvegiaeChecklist and Distribution Maps of Norwegian Spiders with Taxonomic, Zoogeographic and Ecological Notes. Kjetil Aakra and Erling Hauge (Norway)6/5/05
Araneae, Spiders of North-West EuropeExcellent picture site, with more than 700 very good pictures of European and Australian spiders. Ed Nieuwenhuys (The Netherlands)10/9/04
AranhaVery nice page with info and pictures. Instituto Biológico de São Paulo (in Portuguese) (Brazil)10/9/04
AranhasSpiders (In Portuguese) (Brasil)10/9/04
ArgiopeThis is the home of Garden Bits: short articles with pictures about things in our yard and gardens.10/9/04
Argyronetidae of WaterspinnenInformation and pictures. Tannia Sels (in Dutch) (Belgium)10/9/04
Arthropods that are not insectsBugBios (USA)10/9/04
BBC Online: AnimalsThe BBC's Nature website (UK)10/9/04
Belgische spinnenSpinnen van België - Araignées de Belgique - Spiders of Belgium. Gie Wyckmans (Dutch and English) (Belgium)10/9/04
Beneficial insects of British Columbia Cranberry BogsWith: 'Spiders and their relevance to growers' by Ursula Dole, British Columbia Cranberry Growers Association (minimal information, slightly inaccuracies) (Canada)10/9/04
Berkshire TaconicSpiders of the Berkshires (USA)6/5/05
Big spidersAbout tarantula's and other big spiders. Bill Amos (USA)10/10/04
Biggest SpiderGoliath Bird-Eating Spider. Extreme Science (USA)10/10/04
Biodiversity of Australasian Ground SpidersA PEET project. American Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
Biological pest control methods - Spiders as bio-control agentsEcological study of spiders in Guindy National Park, Chennai, India. Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (India)10/9/04
Bite victims push for funding to find spider anti-venomA push is underway to get funding for research to find an anti-venom for one of Australia's most dangerous spiders. ABC Online News (Australia)10/9/04
Brisbane SpidersA lot of info and pictures of spiders found in the Brisbane area, Queensland. The Chew's family (Australia)10/9/04
Can you smell spiders? Do young spiders go ballooning?Info. Doug Jackson and Debbie Leach. The Wild Side. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Canadian Spider Diversity and SystematicsArticle. Robb Bennett. British Columbia Ministry of Forests (Canada)10/9/04
Caresheets.comA searchable index for thousands of Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Care Sheets10/10/04
Caves Animals - Living a life in total darknessSpiders and Amblypygids. Tropic-Explorer10/9/04
Checklist of spider species from GreenlandTaken from from Larsen, S. & N.Scharff, 2003 (Denmark)10/9/04
CoelotinaeCoelotinae F.O.P. -Cambridge, 1893. The Holarctic spider subfamily Coelotinae is one of the most common spider taxa in North America west to the Rocky Mountains and north to southern Canada, in Europe north to southern Sweden and Finland, and in Asia north to far eastern Russia and south to Nepal and northern Vietnam. Xinping Wang. California Academy of Sciences (USA)10/9/04
Colorado Spider SurveyIn May 1999 the Denver Museum of Natural History launched a major biotic survey of the spiders of the Rocky Mountain/Great Plains region, focusing particularly on the diverse ecosystems of Colorado. The project leader for the Colorado Spider Survey is Dr. Paula E. Cushing (USA)10/9/04
Common house spiderTegenaria atrica. Little info. Kiwicare (New Zealand)10/9/04
Common Missouri SpidersConservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Common Spiders In and Around HomesHunting and web-building spiders, control. Jeffrey Hahn, Phil Pellitteri and Donald Lewis. University of Minnesota (USA)10/9/04
Cornell students learn to change fear and loathing of spiders into knowledge - aCornell University News (USA)10/9/04
Cross spiders in SwedenSome basic info. Tobias Widman (Sweden)10/9/04
Curious about spiders?A number of pictures of spiders of medical importance and also some info on the Woodlouse hunter (Dysdera crocata), wolfspiders and garden spiders. University of Nebraska, Lancaster County (USA)10/9/04
Danmarks EdderkopperPictures and information about spiders from Denmark. Lars Dyhrberg Bruun (in Danish) (Denmark)10/9/04
De klasse Arachnida spinachtigenInfo about spiders. Kara Inci (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/10/04
De spinInfo. Artis (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Delena canceridesThe spider of Arachnophobia. David Rowell, Australian National University (Australia)10/9/04
Die epigäische Spinnenfauna (Arachnida: Araneae) verschiedener SukzessionssDiplomarbeit. Daniel Doer (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
Die SpinneInformation. Timo Mornhinweg (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
Die Wespenspinne - ein Exot erobert RügenArgiope bruennichi. Info and pictures. Reinhard Bülte (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
Diversité des Arachnides dans les îles d'Hyères (PorquerolleJacqueline Kovoor & Arturo Muñoz-Cuevas (in French) (France)10/9/04
Do Spiders Give You the Creepy Crawlies?Nice pictures of Australian spiders. Steve Clark (Australia)10/9/04
Does the average person consume four spiders per year in his sleep?Straight Dope Science Advisory Board (USA)10/9/04
Don't get caught in arachnophobia's webSome info about spiders. Marianne C. Ophardt. tri-city herald. Columbia (USA)10/9/04
Dornfinger und WespenspinneArticle by Konstanze Kobel in Unizeit, the official magazine of the Karl-Franzens University Graz (in German) (Austria)10/9/04
EdderkopparInformation and a nice drawing of the internal parts of a spider (in Norwegian) (Norway)10/9/04
EdderkopperInformation and pictures. Ulla Nielsen (in Norwegian) (Norway)10/10/04
Elixir of Spider Spita protein in the venom of the Chile Rose tarantula could prevent deaths from heart attacks. Josie Glausiusz. Discover (USA)10/9/04
English-Japanese Dictionary of ArachnologyTranslation of some spider names. Hiroyoshi Ikeda (Japan)10/9/04
FABRE: The Life of the SpiderJean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915). The complete (translated) version of this old book. e-fabre.net10/9/04
Featured CreaturesPictures and info Menemerus bivittatus (Dufour), jumping spider; Phidippus regius C.L. Koch, regal jumping spider; Plexippus paykulli (Audouin), jumping spider. Univ. of Florida & Florida Dep. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (USA)10/9/04
Female body partsAmerican Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
Fen Raft spider web siteThis site has been established to promote the understanding and conservation of one of Europe's largest, most beautiful but least common species of spider, Dolomedes plantarius.10/9/04
Fine Structural Analysis of the Neuromuscular Junction in the Venomous Organ of Myung-Jin Moon. In: Korean J, Zool. 39:223-230. 1996 (abstract & full text) (Korea)10/9/04
Frequently Asked QuestionsAre black widows found in Colorado? How poisonous are black widows and how to deal with a bite? ... Entomology and Arachnology section, University of Colorado (USA)10/9/04
Garden SpidersInfo. Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois (USA)10/9/04
Garden SpidersInfo and pictures. Karen Delahaut, IPM Outreach Specialist, University of Wisconsin (USA)10/9/04
Generalidades y tiposde ArácnidosInformation and pictures. Anita Hoffmann. Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicacion Educativa (in Spanish) (Mexico)10/9/04
Good Bug, Bad Bug: Garden SpidersSome info and drawings of spiders and how they make an orb web. Don Julien. Rose Petals, The Official Website for the Seattle Rose Society (USA)10/9/04
Grass Spider - AgelenopsisInfo and picture. Lower Colorado River Authority (USA)10/9/04
Green Lynx SpidersRon Lyons (USA)10/9/04
Groupe d'étude des ArachnidesInfo and pictures (in French) (France)10/9/04
Höhlenspinnen - Cave spidersA summary of inventory on spiders that live in caves, mines and other moist places. Andreas Rohner (in German and English) (Switzerland)10/9/04
Höhlenspinnen, ein ÜberblickSpiders in caves (in German) (Switzerland)10/9/04
Headlighting for SpidersAn electronic reprint of Entomology Notes#12, Michigan Entomogical Society (USA)10/9/04
Hoja de Crianza de la ArañaInfo. University of Arizona (in Spanish) (USA)10/9/04
House spidersHousehold Ecosystem, Arachnids for Homeowners, Oregon House Spiders. Oregon Public Broadcasting (USA)10/9/04
How can spiders walk on water?Surface tension is the tendency for the surface of a liquid to act like a stretched membrane or piece of rubber. Lakeview Science, Nebraska (USA)10/9/04
How do spiders control eight eyes?What kind of vision would that be like? Do they have good vision or just simple contrast change? West Tisbury, The Boston Globe (USA)10/9/04
How do spiders grow?Maydianne C.B. Andrade (Canada)10/9/04
Identification, biology and sampling of cotton insectsWith information on several spiders as predators of insects. G.T. Bohmfalk, R.E. Frisbie, W.L. Sterling, R.B. Metzer and A.E. Knutson. Texas Agricultural Extension Service. The Texas A&M University System (USA)10/9/04
Im Netz der SpinneVery nice site with information and pictures. Claudia Ludy (in German (Germany)10/9/04
In Harmony with Neighboring Insects and SpidersWhy do spiders have come to make webs? Common Spiders in Japan. Photographs of Spiders' Webs - Networks of silk. Bolas spiders in Japan. Pictures of several spiders. Mikio Sekine (In English and Japanese) (Japan)10/9/04
Información de la ArañaInfo. University of Arizona (in Spanish) (USA)10/9/04
Insect and Spider Information SheetsWith Black widow, Cellar spiders and Wolf spiders. Bohart Museum of Entomology, Univ. of California (USA)10/9/04
Introduction to the AraneaeUC Museum of Paleontology (USA)6/5/05
Join Hands With Spiders In Garden WarfareSpiders in the garden. Dennis Hinkamp. Utah State University Extension (USA)10/9/04
Jumping Spiders of the WorldA confederation of projects on salticid systematics and diversity jointly maintained by Wayne Maddison and Jerzy Proszynski (Canada, Poland)11/29/04
Known Distribution Of The Genus SicariusFrom unpublished research by Dr Gerry Newlands for his Ph. D. thesis. Article on the site of The Spider Club of Southern Africa (South Africa)10/9/04
KukkahämähäkkiSome info and a picture of Misumena vatia. Esa Mustonen. (in Finnish) (Finland)10/9/04
Larvalbug's GardenThis is the home of Garden Bits: short articles with pictures about things in our yard and gardens.10/9/04
Larvalbug's Garden: Crab SpidersGood pictures (USA)10/9/04
Larvalbug's Garden: Green LynxGood pictures (USA)10/9/04
Larvalbug's Garden: Spider drawingsOld illustrations (USA)10/9/04
Las ArañasInformation and pictures. Anita Hoffmann. Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicacion Educativa (in Spanish) (Mexico)10/9/04
Las partes de una arañaThe body parts of a spider (in Spanish) by Fernando Pèrez-Miles (Uruguay)10/9/04
Les arachnéesMuch info and pictures. Eric Walravens (in French) (Belgium)10/9/04
Les ArachnidesInfo and pictures of spiders. Cybernat : environmental resources of the Pays de Caux (Normandy) and of the Seine estuary (in French) (France)10/9/04
Les Araignées de FranceVery nice site with much info. P. Dubois (in French) (France)10/9/04
Les araignées de nos maisonsInfo and pictures of Tegenaria, Araneus and Pholcus. J.F. Byers (in French) (France)10/9/04
Les sites WEB du petit naturaliste - AraignéesMuch info and pictures. La Haute École de Gestion de Genève (in French) (Switserland)10/9/04
Life of SpiderNice page with info, gallery and quiz. Open Web Center (in English, Mongolian and Russian) (Mongolia)10/9/04
Los Arácnidos en Náhuatl: el Escorpión, la Araña y sPDF. Michel Dessoudeix. e-Journal (in Spanish) (Mexico)10/9/04
Lured and liquidated, gullible male fireflies supply 'femmes fatales' with a lifChemical defence against spiders. Cornell University News (USA)10/9/04
Male body partsAmerican Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
Male or Female?How to see the difference. Mrs. Gamble's Web Page. A 2nd grade class at Fayetteville Elementary School in Fayetteville, NY (USA)10/9/04
Marly Cain's Multimedia LabReal amazing !! Web Microscope - In Realtime 3D, Dissect A Virtual Spider, Black Widow Spider Videos. Marly Cain's Amazing Micronautic Adventures (USA)10/9/04
Melbourne Trap-door spider Stanwellia sp.PDF. Info and pictures. Museum Victoria (Australia)10/9/04
Mieux connaître... Les araignées de CorseClassification, inventaire, espèces endémiques, espèces dangereuses. Very good site with info and pictures of spiders from Corsica. Norbert Verneau (in French) (France)10/9/04
Minibeast Profiles: SpidersInfo. Gary A. Dunn. Young Entomologists' Society (USA)10/9/04
Misumena vatiaCrabspider. Haus vun der Natur (Deutch) (Luxembourg)10/9/04
Misumena vatia as pollinator of orchidsWhile catching insects on orchids this crab spider pollinates the flowers. Pierre Watkin. Université de Lille (France)10/9/04
Moldenke's Spider PageA.R. Moldenke. Oregon State University (USA)10/9/04
More Hunting WaspsThe relation between spiders and hunting wasps. Electronic version of this old book of J. Henri Fabre. Blackmask Online (USA)10/9/04
Mouse spider venom similar to funnel-web'sCorey Nassau. Monas Newsline (Australia)10/10/04
My spiders!A number of very nice pictures and info. Shaun Ivory (USA)10/9/04
Mygalomorph spiders from West Europewith observation anyone can make in the field on Atypus and Cteniza spiders. Yvan and Camille Montardi (French and English) (France)10/9/04
Nephila of Southern AfricaInfo . Jonathan Leeming. Article on the site of The Spider Club of Southern Africa (South Africa)10/9/04
Nick's Spiders of Britain and EuropeVery nice site with information and pictures of European spiders. Also some pictures and info about spiders from the USA. Nick Loven (UK)10/9/04
Nick's Spiders of North AmericaWeb site dedicated to pictures and photographs of North American spiders. Nick Loven (UK)10/9/04
Not A Cockfight But A Spider-Fight: KajikiThe Kumo Gassen, an annual traditional event in Kajiki town, is a spider-wrestling match. This event has long and an unbroken tradition of four hundred and nine years. A Spider-Beauty-Contest is held at the same time Mikio Sekine (Japan)10/9/04
Opplev edderkoppeneSpiders in the Tromso Museum (in Norwegian) (Norway)10/9/04
Orb weavers - Care InstructionsPDF. Carolina Biological Supply Company (USA)10/9/04
Ordem AranaeInformation. Biotemas (in Portuguese) (Brazil)10/9/04
Order AraneaeSome information about the families Thomisidae, Salticidae, Lycosidae, Agelenidae and Araneidae. Onalaska School District 300 (USA)6/5/05
Order: Araneae (spiders)Taxonomic Classification, Basic spider anatomy, Spider silk, Info and pictures of: Argiope aurantia - Black and Yellow Argiope Spider, Gasteracantha cancriformis - Spiny Orb Weaver Spider, Neoscona domiciliorum - Spotted Orbweaver, Kukulcania hibernalis - Southern House Spider, Hogna georgicola, Hogna lenta - Florida Brown and Yellow Wolf Spider, Peucetia viridans - Green Lynx Spider, Dolomedes albineus - Whitebanded Fishing Spider, Leucauge venusta - Orchard Orb Weaver Spider, Nephila clavipes - Golden Silk Spider. (USA)6/5/05
Piwi's spider pageInformation and pictures (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Plants & Animals: Introduction to SpidersWhat is a spider? Spider facts, Spider key points. WebWorldWonders (USA)10/9/04
Projects of Jutta SchneiderSuicidal maternal care and sexual conflict in Stegodyphus lineatus, sexual cannibalism in orb-weaving spiders (Germany)10/9/04
Queensland Museum - SpidersIdentification, description, habitat, and toxicity of common spiders in Queensland, Australia. Queensland Museum (Australia)6/5/05
Regards sur le monde des araignées d'Europe occidentaleAperçu du monde des araignées à partir d'espèces de nos contrées, communes, curieuses ou faciles à reconnaître. With much information and pictures. Le Musée de Zoologie de l'Université de Liège (in French) (Belgium)10/9/04
RolspinPicture of a Solpugid. Spinnen in Terraria (Belgium)10/9/04
Rote Liste der Spinnen Kärntens (Arachnida: Araneae)PDF. C. Komposch & K.-H. Steinberger (in German) (Austria)10/9/04
Salticidae (Araneae) of the WorldDiagnostic drawings library and catalogue of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the world. Jerzy Proszynski (Poland)6/5/05
Salticidae page of the Tree of Life Web ProjectPhylogenetic and biological information on jumping spiders. Wayne Maddison (Canada)10/10/04
Segestria's homepageChristian Platner (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
Selective toxicity of some pesticides to Hibana velox (Araneae: Anyphaenidae), aPDF. Article. D.M. Amalin, J.E. Peña, S.J. Yu and R. McSorley. Florida Entomologist (USA)10/9/04
Signs of Spring - A Spider's LifeInfo about spiderlings. Journey North (USA)10/9/04
Some spider picturesHartmut Frommert (USA)10/9/04
Something creepy this way crawlsChristopher Dunagan, The Sun (USA)10/9/04
South Indian SpidersDescription, information, and photos of spider families from South India. Division of Arachnology, Sacred Heart College, Kerala (India)10/9/04
SpiderA lot of info and pictures. Britannica Online.10/9/04
SpiderGeneral info. (USA)10/9/04
SpiderInformation and a picture of a spider. SMZ1500 Fluorescence Image Gallery. Nikon.10/9/04
Spider (arthropod)Article Outline: Introduction, External Body, Internal Anatomy and Function, Life Cycle, Silks, Threads, and Webs, Evolution, Types of Spiders, Humans and Spiders. Encarta, Microsoft (USA)11/29/04
Spider Anatomywith excellent photos, by Ed Nieuwenhuys 10/19/03
Spider AnatomyVery good drawings. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)10/9/04
Spider bodypartsPictures of the bodyparts of a spider. Iowa State University (USA)10/9/04
Spider boom puzzles expertsMary Rainer from the Australian Reptile Park said the family became concerned and called for help after hundreds of mouse spiders (Missulena bradleyi ) appeared on their lawn over several nights. ABC Online News (Australia)10/9/04
Spider classificationThe difference between arachnids and other invertebrates, mygalomorpha and araneomorpha spiders. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)10/9/04
Spider communities as tools in monitoring reclaimed limestone quarry landformsPDF. C.P. Wheater, W.R. Cullen & J. R. Bell. Dep. of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan Univ., Manchester (UK)10/9/04
Spider communities in the DolomitesVito Zingerle. STRV-Biologie Innbruck (Austria)10/9/04
Spider ConservationKevin L. Skerl (USA)10/9/04
Spider drugged by parasitic waspA parasitic wasp has been found to 'drug' its spider host, inducing it to weave a special cocoon-like structure for the wasp's own ends. ABC Online News (Australia)10/9/04
Spider Fact SheetsBlack House and Grey House Spiders (Badumna insignis, Badumna longinquus, Family Desidae), Funnel-web Spiders (Atrax and Hadronyche, Family Hexathelidae), Huntsman Spiders (Common Huntsman spiders: Isopeda, Isopedella; Shield Huntsman spiders: Neosparassus;Tropical Huntsman spiders: Heteropoda), Mouse Spiders (Eastern Mouse Spider: Missulena bradleyi; Red-headed Mouse Spider: Missulena occatoria, Family Actinopodidae), Orb Weaving Spiders (Garden Orb Weaving Spiders: Eriophora; Banded Orb Weaving Spiders: Argiope; Golden Orb Weaving Spiders: Nephila), Red-back Spider (Latrodectus hasselti), Sac Spiders (Slender Sac Spiders: Chiracanthium; Stout Sac Spiders: Clubiona), Trapdoor Spiders (Brown Trapdoor Spiders: Misgolas; Sigillate Trapdoor Spiders: Aganippe), White-tailed Spider (Lampona cylindrata), Wolf Spiders (Lvcosidae). Australian Museum Online (Australia)10/10/04
Spider FactsConservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Spider FactsInformation. Explorit Science Center, Davis (USA)10/9/04
Spider factsBasic facts about spiders. Explorit Science Center (USA)10/9/04
Spider glossaryEd Nieuwenhuys (The Netherlands)10/26/03
Spider glossaryGlossary of spider terms, by Ed Nieuwenhuys (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Spider Informationsome basic info. University of Arizona (USA)10/9/04
Spider LabSpider Lab: The Internet's True Web Page. Bill Tietjen. Bellarmine College Department of Biology (USA)10/9/04
Spider research pages of Midt-Troms MuseumTaxonomy, ecology and faunistics. Kjetil Aakra (Norway)10/9/04
Spider silkClick on ""Current work"". Information and drawings of the interior parts of a spider. Alexander Sponner (Germany)10/9/04
Spider SpecialSome info and pictures. Staffordshire Wildlife Watch (UK)10/9/04
Spider Species of Maine -- a preliminary annotated listSpider Species of Maine -- a preliminary annotated list by Scott Carlton (USA)10/19/03
Spider WebsThis is the home of Garden Bits: short articles with pictures about things in our yard and gardens.10/9/04
Spider! Spider!Information about spiders. Joel Vance. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Spider- external formPicture. Loretto Zoology Web Site. Loretto Academy High School (USA)10/9/04
Spider- internal structurePicture. Loretto Zoology Web Site. Loretto Academy High School (USA)10/9/04
SpiderdotcomInfo and pictures of Brown recluse (fiddleback spider), Black Widow, Wolf Spider, Funnel web spider, Mouse Spider, White Tail. Spiderdotcom (USA)10/10/04
SpidersWith a picture. Gardening in Western Washington. Washington State University (USA)10/10/04
SpidersSome info about spiders and especially black widow and brown recluse. Dallas Ft. Worth Pest Control (USA)10/10/04
SpidersThis NebGuide describes the most common species of spiders found in Nebraska, including the black widow and brown recluse, and how to control them. University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome biology. Pest Management Association of New Zealand Inc. (New Zealand)10/9/04
SpidersSome faq's. PCO Pest Control Services (Canada)10/9/04
SpidersWith some info about the Sydney funnel web spider, northern rivers funnel web spider, red back, mouse spider and the white tail spider. Elders pest control (Australia)10/10/04
SpidersSome info. Backyard Gardener. Arizona Cooperative Extension, Yavapai County (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome info. The Science Corner. Nigel Bunce and Jim Hunt. College of Physical Science, University of Guelph (Canada)10/9/04
SpidersA lot of information and pictures. Glenda Crew (Australia)10/9/04
SpidersInfo and pictures of Pholcus, Nephila, Argiope), Argyrodes. Han van der Voort (The Netherlands)10/9/04
SpidersA lot of info and pictures. Pholcus, Nephila, Argiope, Argyrodes. Han van der Voort (The Netherlands)10/9/04
SpidersInfo and pictures. John A. Jackman, Professor and Extension Entomologist, The Texas A&M University System (USA)10/9/04
SpidersA lot of info and pictures (in Russian) (Russia)10/9/04
SpidersInfo and drawings. Darryl P. Sanders and Robert D. Hall, Department of Entomology, University of Missouri-Columbia (USA)10/9/04
SpidersInformation. David Kendall. Kendall Bioresearch Services (UK)10/9/04
SpidersSome info. Faith M. Oi, Extension Entomologist, Auburn University (USA)10/9/04
SpidersInfo about spiders, photographs of spiders in Okinawa, a check list of spiders in Japan and check lists of spiders in Kanagawa, Okinawa, and Iriomotejima, Japan, photographs of spiders found in other countries then Japan. Akio Tanikawa (in Japanese) (Japan)10/9/04
SpidersSome pictures of spiders and info & pictures of spiderwebs. Brantacan Home Page. Art, science, nature, engineering, mathematics, and some relationships between them (UK)10/9/04
SpidersArticle with a picture of the Dock spider (Dolomedes sp.) and a wolf spider with spiderlings. Northwestern Ontario Forest - Virtual Zoo. (USA)10/9/04
Spiderssome info about the biology, bites etc. North Carolina State University (USA)10/9/04
SpidersInfo. Pocatello High School (USA)10/9/04
SpidersInfo and pictures. Earthfoot.10/9/04
Spiderssome information. The Master Gardeners (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome facts. Animal Web (USA)10/9/04
SpidersA little information about spiders in Alberta. Alberta Environmental Protection (Canada)10/9/04
SpidersGeneralized anatomy of a spider, webs. Pagoda Vista (Canada)10/9/04
SpidersInvertebrate Zoology Section, Milwaukee Public Museum (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome info and especially about the Black widow (Latrodectus mactans). New Mexico Pest Management (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome info. Tayaba Zahra. Biology in Motion. New York University (USA)10/9/04
SpidersBlack widow and Brown recluse spider. Orkin (USA)10/9/04
SpidersSome short info about Mygalomorph Spiders, Sac Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Brown Recluse Spiders, Black Widow Spiders. Prescription Treatment University (USA)10/9/04
SpidersPDF. Some info and drawings. Rentokil (UK)10/9/04
SpidersSome basic info and pesticides. 1st Choice Pest Control Services (USA)10/9/04
SpidersDaring Jumping Spider, Eastern Daddy-long-legs, Green Lynx Spider, Forest Wolf Spider, Wolf Spider (Lycosidae), Golden Rod Spider, Brown Recluse (Loxosceles), Black and Yellow Argiope or "Garden Spider / Banana Spider", Red Widow Spider (Latrodectus Bishopi). Survive Outdoors Inc. (USA)10/9/04
SpidersHouse spiders, Purseweb spider, Jumping spider, Money spider, Water spider, Garden spider, Raft spider, wolf spider. Stuart M Bennett (UK)10/9/04
SpidersNursery web spiders, Walnut orb-weaver, Garden or Cross spider, Argiope bruennichi, Common crab spider, Spotted wolf spider, Araneus quadratus, Tetragnatha extensa. UK Safari (UK)10/9/04
SpidersDescription, life cycle, common household spiders, control. Univ. of Rhode Island Landscape Horticulture Program (USA)10/9/04
SpidersImportance of Spiders & Spider Silk. Cofrin Arboretum, Center for Biodiversity (USA)10/9/04
SpidersPDF. A text from Krista D. Davis, Jay D. Donahue and Michael J. Brewer. University of Wyoming (USA)10/9/04
spidersA page about spiders (in Hebrew) (Israel)10/9/04
Spiders & immunologyExcellent picture site, with more than 700 very good pictures of European and Australian spiders. Ed Nieuwenhuys (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Spiders (Araneae)Info and some pictures. Singapore Zoological Gardens (Singapore)10/9/04
Spiders (Araneae) of the YukonPDF. Article. C.D. Dondale, J.H. Redner & Y.M. Marusik. Univ. of Alberta (Canada)10/9/04
Spiders - Entomology Leaflet 47G.R. Nielsen and G.B. MacCollom, Former Extension Entomologists, Plant and Soil Science Department. University of Vermont (USA)10/9/04
Spiders and other arthropodsInfo and pictures. Univ. of Idaho (USA)10/9/04
Spiders and other non-insectsWith pictures and info of the Jewel spider (Araneus gemmoides), European house spider (Tegenaria domestica), White goldenrod spider (Misumena vatia), Western black widow (Latrodectus hesperus), Daddy-long-legs (Harvestmen, Phalangium opilio). The Provincial Museum of Alberta (Canada)10/9/04
Spiders and the Cobwebs of Myth about ThemPDF. E. Garfield. Essays of an Information Scientist (USA)10/9/04
Spiders and their relativesPDF. Info and drawings. C.R. Baird, H.W. Homan and J.P. McCaffrey. Univ. of Idaho (USA)10/9/04
Spiders are good guysShort text. Sandra Mason. University of Illinois Extension, Champaign County (USA)10/9/04
Spiders at OjibwayInformation and pictures of spiders in the Ojibway area. Paul Pratt. Ojibway Nature Centre, Windsor, Ontario (Canada)10/9/04
Spiders at The Australian Reptile ParkPictures and information (Australia)10/9/04
Spiders in and around the houseOhio State University (USA)10/9/04
Spiders in OhioMuch information about spiders. Clay Harris & Dr. Richard Bradley, The Ohio State University, Marion (USA)10/9/04
Spiders in the homeWith pictures and information of some dangerous and harmless spiders. F.B. Peairs. Colorado State University Cooperative Extension (USA)10/9/04
Spiders invade the Bishop Museum this weekendOld article from Star-Bulletin, Burl Burlingame. With a picture of the happyface spider, a Hawaiian species (Theridion grallator) (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of Black Rock ForestVery good page with: General Information on Spiders, General Information of the Project, List of Spiders, Key of Spider Families & Genera, Biotopical Distribution of Spiders. Vladimir Ovtsharenko & Andrei Tanasevitch. American Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of LithuaniaFull list of all species found in Lithuania, with distribution maps, description, morphology, biogeographical resources, etc. Algirdas Vilkas (Lithuanian and English) (Lithuania)10/9/04
Spiders of New ZealandVery nice page of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa (New Zealand)10/9/04
Spiders of NW-EuropeImages and descriptions of over 220 species commonly found in northwestern Europe, especially the area between the Netherlands and the south of France. Ed Nieuwenhuys. (Holland)6/5/05
Spiders of SirenaSpiders of Sirena,Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica. Graduate Field Course in Rainforest Research. L.E. Gilbert. The University of Texas at Austin (USA)10/9/04
Spiders of South AustraliaPDF. Info and drawings. South Australian Museum (Australia)10/9/04
Spiders of the United Arab EmiratesThe Arabian Wildlife Magazine Online. General information on spiders (UAE)6/5/05
Spiders of Turkey Provides full checklist of Turkish spiders, photographs, general properties of spiders, poisonous spiders, and list of spider families (Turkey)11/29/04
Spiders of wetlandsWith a picture of Pisaura mirabilis. Janusz Kupryjanowicz. Institute of Biology. University of Bialystok (Poland)10/9/04
Spiders of WisconsinBy Dr. Michael L. Draney (USA)6/5/05
Spiders of Wisconsin (Araneae)A preliminary list of those spiders presumed to inhabit Wisconsin. by Michael L. Draney (USA)6/5/05
Spiders on the FalklandsPDF. Interesting info about spiders on islands. Falklands Conservation.10/9/04
Spiders on the WebWith some information and very nice pictures. Chin Fah Shin (Malaysia)10/9/04
Spiders Reduce Risks, Increase Yields for China's FarmersSpiders and other predators used successfully in lieu of harmful pesticides to control cotton pests, reducing health risks while increasing crop yields. Solutions Site Case Study. Horizon Communications. 10/9/04
Spiders Spin Steely Silken SplendorSome info. Deborah Wisti-Peterson, University of Washington (USA)10/9/04
Spiders suddenly seem to be everywhereLynda V. Mapes. Seattle Times (USA)10/9/04
Spiders the Ultimate Predator?Info about spiders as biological tools for control of insect pests. Agricultural Research magazine (USA)10/9/04
Spiders will be coming in soonShort info. Ken Hodgdon, Cumberland Times-News (USA)10/9/04
Spiders! An Expedition With the American Museum of Natural HistoryA very good page about the spiders in Western Australia by the AMNH and Discovery Channel Online.10/9/04
Spiders: Biology and ControlInformation. Michigan State Univ. (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: Courtship behaviors that both stimulate the female and ensure the male S.A. Spriggs. Colorado State University (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: Eight Legs and SilkJoan P. Jass. Milwaukee Public Museum (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: Eight Legs and SilkJoan P. Jass. Invertebrate Zoology Section, Milwaukee Public Museum (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: Learning more about spider biologyMuch info. Linda Rayor. Cornell University (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: living robotsText. Marcus Granmo. Lunds Universitet (Sweden)10/9/04
Spiders: pictures, information, classificationGeneral information on spiders by Michael T. Ghiselin11/29/04
Spiders: Scary, Yet Fascinating Little CrittersSome info. James B. (Jim) Kea. Area Specialized Agent, Forest Resources. North Carolina A&T State University (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: True and TarantulaInfo. Wendy's Wonderful Wizard of Oz (USA)10/9/04
Spiders: We'd probably be dead without themVery interesting page with a 4.5 minutes movie. Bio Bulletin. American Museum of Natural History (USA)10/9/04
SpiderwebA lot of interesting information. Biodiversity Explorer Spotlight, iziko, museums of Cape Town (South Africa)10/9/04
SPIDERWEB - Edderkopper set fra biologens synspunktMuch info. (in Danish) (Denmark)10/9/04
SpinachtigenSpinnen, teken en hooiwagens. Informatie en foto's (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
SpinnenEine Arbeit im Wettbewerb Schüler experimentieren von Constanze Schmidt (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
SpinnenSome info (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
SpinnenNaturmuseum Senckenberg (Germany)10/9/04
Spinnen im NetzChristian Platner (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
Spinnen im Netzinformation about spiders (in German) (Switzerland)10/9/04
Spinnen informatieInformatie over spinnen. Henk Merts (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Spinnen uit CranendonckPDF. Info and pictures of spiders found in a nature reserve consisting of heathlands and sand dunes. Piet Tutelaers. Nieuwsbrief Spined (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Spruce-Fir Moss Spider Determined To Be EndangeredMicrohexura montivaga. Info. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants. Fish and Wildlife Service (USA)10/9/04
SpydawebMuch information about spiders (especially tarantula's) and a very good picture giving the anatomy of a spider. Steve (UK)10/10/04
Studies on the Ecology of central Amazon SpidersStaatliches Museum für Naturkunde in Karlsruhe (Germany)10/9/04
Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Bite of Aggressive House Spider (Compared tMSU-Bozeman Communications Services (USA)10/10/04
Tarantulas and Other SpidersSearchable Tarantula Database and Picture Gallery, Searchable Latin Name Pronunciation List, Searchable Arachnid Glossary of Terms, The Taxonomic Gallery, The Cartoon Gallery, The 'Other' Spiders Gallery, Spider Animations, Searchable Dealer Database, Searchable FAQ Database, Tarantula Anatomy, Arachnid Articles, Arachnid Spoofs and Urban Legends, Arachnid News Clips, Arachnids in Literature, Surveys, Care Sheets, Arachnid Mailing Lists to subscribe to, Searchable BTS Journal Index, Chat (Internet Relay Chat and Delphi Chat), Message Boards, FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), The Burrow Bookstore, Games, puzzles, Send a FREE ArachnoCard (Electronic Greeting Card), Jokes. Martin Overton. Arachnophiliac (UK)10/9/04
Tent SpidersTent Spiders build three-dimensional webs which work differently from flat orb webs. Ria Tan (Singapore)10/9/04
The common spiders of Los AngelesWith many info and pictures. Blaine Hebert. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Foundation (USA)10/9/04
The common spiders of Los AngelesThis is a partial list of those spiders which are frequently seen in the urban Los Angeles area and surrounding hills. Blaine Hebert (USA)10/9/04
The life cycle of the spiderMathematics & Science Center (USA)10/9/04
The myth-conceptions about spidersSheryl Smith-Rodgers (USA)10/9/04
The Octopodal world of SpidersEarthlife Web. Gordon Ramel (USA)6/5/05
The Problem: SpidersSpiders in Alaska. Rocco Moschetti, IPM of Alaska (USA)10/9/04
The SpiderGeneral biology, by Ed Nieuwenhuys (Holland)10/19/03
The Spider Page, by D. K. SanderSpider Photos by Jon Zawislak. Black Widow (Adult and baby), Jumping Spider, Wolf Spider with Babies, Arkansas Tarantula. By D. K. Sander (USA)10/19/03
The Spider WebSome info about spiders. The Franklin Institute Online (USA)10/9/04
The Spider's ParlourVictoria Museum (Australia)6/5/05
The spidersInfo. The Living Museum (Australia)10/9/04
The spiders of Wicken FenArticle. Eric Duffey (UK)10/9/04
The water spiderThe sexual size dimorphism of the water spider (Argyroneta aquatica). Dolores Schütz, Konrad Lorenz-Institut für Vergleichende Verhaltensforschung, Wien (Austria)10/9/04
The Zinzulusa CaveThe Zinzulusa Cave, Castro Marina, Lece, Italy. With pictures of Zangherella apuliae, Harpactea strandi, Meta marianae, Meta segmentata segmentata, Pholcus phalangioides, Tegenaria dalmatica, Nesticus eremita, Steatoda grossa, Zygiella x-notata. Groundwater Biology Home Page, Giuseppe L. Pesce (in Italian, English and French) (Italy)10/9/04
Trapdoor SpiderInformation and nice pictures. Goodnight Stories (USA)10/9/04
Trapdoor SpiderPictures and info. Creature-Creations (USA)10/9/04
Tropenökologische Exkursion nach Costa-RicaEndbericht: Araneae. Vito Zingerle. STRV-Biologie Innbruck (Austria)10/9/04
UK BiodiversityPictures and info about rare spiders in the UK, with Dolomedes plantarius (UK)10/9/04
Untangling the web: spiders and the challenges of invertebrate conservationPDF. Article. T.R. New. School of Zoology, La Trobe University (Australia)10/9/04
Up close with spidersInformation and pictures of Malaysian spiders. Chin Fah Shin (Malaysia)10/9/04
Very Big Spiders - WolfspidersThis is the home of Garden Bits: short articles with pictures about things in our yard and gardens (USA)10/9/04
Victorian SpidersWhat is it? First aid... With lots of information and pictures. Museum Victoria (Australia)10/9/04
Walking on waterWhy some spiders can walk on water. David Tenenbaum (USA)10/9/04
WaterspinInformation (in Dutch) (The Netherlands)10/9/04
Welcome to Anansi's Page - Spider's Voice from AsiaPage made by Mirukashihime (in English and Japanese) (Japan)10/9/04
What is Spider?About the origin of the word spider. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. State University of New York at Buffalo (USA)10/9/04
Wildlife around MacKayMackay is the southern part of tropical coastal Australia. With several spider pictures and information. David Caffin (Australia)10/9/04
Wildlife around MackayMackay is in the southern part of the eastern tropical coast of Australia. With several pictures and information. David Caffin (Australia)10/9/04
Wolf Spider and Fisher SpiderInfo. Iowa State University (USA)10/9/04
World Of SpidersPlenty of info and pictures. Paul Hillyard , London Natural History Museum & www.TheSnake.Org (UK)10/9/04
Worldwide (spider) websLoan McKee. Conservation Department Missouri (USA)10/9/04
Zur Ökologie der Spinnen (Araneae)Info and pictures. Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karsruhe (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
Zur Ökologie der Spinnen (Araneae)Information. Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde in Karlsruhe (in German) (Germany)10/9/04
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